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The SWFBitmap class

(PHP 5 < 5.3.0, PECL ming SVN)



Class synopsis

SWFBitmap {
/* Methods */
__construct ( mixed $file [, mixed $alphafile ] )
float getHeight ( void )
float getWidth ( void )

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david dot jiang at muchdj dot com
8 years ago
I found a workaround for the load jpg problem for SWFBitmap.

Error message:

(Catchable fatal error: SWFMovie::save() [function.SWFMovie-save]: Initial Jpeg marker not found! in /loalhost/test/swfjpg/swfjpg.php on line 23

This doesnt work:

= $s->addFill(new SWFBitmap( file_get_contents("image.jpg")));

But this will works fine:

= $s->addFill(new SWFBitmap((fopen('image.jpg','rb')));
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