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The IntlPartsIterator class

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Objects of this class can be obtained from IntlBreakIterator objects. While the break iterators provide a sequence of boundary positions when iterated, IntlPartsIterator objects provide, as a convenience, the text fragments comprehended between two successive boundaries.

The keys may represent the offset of the left boundary, right boundary, or they may just the sequence of non-negative integers. See IntlBreakIterator::getPartsIterator().

Class synopsis

IntlPartsIterator extends IntlIterator implements Iterator {
/* Constants */
const integer KEY_SEQUENTIAL = 0 ;
const integer KEY_LEFT = 1 ;
const integer KEY_RIGHT = 2 ;
/* Methods */
public IntlBreakIterator getBreakIterator ( void )
/* Inherited methods */
public mixed IntlIterator::current ( void )
public string IntlIterator::key ( void )
public void IntlIterator::next ( void )
public void IntlIterator::rewind ( void )
public bool IntlIterator::valid ( void )

Predefined Constants




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